Shit. Again she struggled to translate his words, but not nearly has badly as she did before. It was becoming more of a challenge however to translate her own. Derek would be so much better at this if he were here to help.  

"Schwägerin," sign lauguage was easier then this. "Sie Schwester, mein Bruder, verheiratet"

"Nien," that one she knew. "Amerikaner…" She paused again trying to figure out the grammer. "Deutsch ist schwer, noch lernen."

He had been correct, although he had not thought about what her first language might actually be. So she was an American?

"Ich glaub dich nicht." The medic lowered his arms, although he still was obviously distrusting of her. "Ich habe keinen Schwägerinnen."  

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"Isaak?" No that wasn’t him, who was it, somebody new that was for sure, How many of these guys could one dude hold in his head? 

Putting a hand up, she thought hard about his words, trying translate it in her mind. It was what, a few years since she had used her German, and even when she did she was still rusty. Who are you? it was her main focuse now as she tried to translate her words properly.

"Ich bin Marcy" that was probably the easiet, and probably the only clear sentence she’d be able to speak. "Mir deine Schwester."

"Einen Schwester namens Marcy hab ich nicht." He shot her an accusatory look, already becoming distrusting of her. The medic took another step or two back from her. 

"Deutsch ist für dich kein Muttersprache oder?" He already knew the answer to his question, but he thought it best to ask. If nothing else, it gave her something to concentrate on if he did need a chance to bolt. 

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"Je m’appelle Amélie. Do jeou vant to be friends?" He draws in the edges of his uniform’s coat as he speaks, in an attempt to make it look more like a dress.

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