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RP blog for a BLU RED medic stationed at
Mountain Lab.

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I dislike them.

If you have any food on you - cookies, chocolate, anything really - would you be so kind as to share?

I am starving.

I think you’ve made that rather clear.

Normally, I do not carry food with me. I happen to have an apple that I have no intention of eating, though. Do you care to have it?


I would rather eat your arm than black olives. I do not eat Medic out of principle.


Well, I don’t want to offer you my arm nor any black olives, and I do not intend to do either for the moment.

It is still a personal opinion, though.


The BLU’s pacing came to a halt swiftly enough upon hearing the familiar voice. Thankfully, the man seemed just as adverse to the brawl as himself—his placid nature was testament to that. One hand reached up to adjust the scarf around his neck, the other inched down towards the saw on his belt.

"Uh, not all that long. Like… ten minutes or so?" He spoke with an out of place grin, perhaps trying to make light of the situation. Before long, the Ubersaw was detached and fumbled with idly in his left hand.

Poising his stance, the German continued to fiddle with the weapon before pacing towards the taller of the two. “So, how are we gonna do this?”

"Sorry about that, I suppose." He tried to return it with a little smile of his own, but it only betrayed his discomfort with the current circumstances. That little attempt was quick to disappear however, when his eyes settled on Heinz’s weapon. 

"I am…not sure." Isaak shifted his weight in unease while he spoke. "Do we just attack each other? Is zhis any different from vhat ve vould do in a normal battle, except zhat ve ah alone?"

As an afterthought, he removed the Vita-saw from his own belt in turn, though his left hand clutched the weapon so tightly that he could feel his knuckles blanch. The positioning was awkward at best, but he laughed nervously, not daring to readjust his hold on it lest it cost him more than a simple moment or two of reprieve from something that had not yet begun.

"I have never been in a situation like zhis vone before, admittedly."


                                                           R e m e m b e r i n g .
                                                              F o r g e t t i n g .
                                                    I’m not sure which is worse.



"I don’t think I said yes, though."

The woman huffed, turning her head back with a slight raise of her chin, her narrowed eyes boring into his. The sight might have been slightly more intimidating if her face wasn’t speckled in a hefty pink flush.

"You take things on your own whims, or?"

"Explicitly? No, you never said yes."

The medic simply couldn’t stop himself from smiling, absolutely delighted by her reaction.

"Mine and mine alone. Why do you ask?"

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"Nein. But in comparison I zhink I am more tolerable zhan you are at zhe moment… Vhat has you in such a foul mood anyvay?"

"Perhaps so, to some." he shrugged, "That aside, I’m not in a foul mood. This is how I am normally."


Heinz’s view on the upcoming duel was, for lack of a better word, dismal. What reason behind it was there for it, besides satisfying the administrators’ blood lust? On top of that, fighting a former team mate wasn’t something he’d done in a while. That didn’t make the concept seem any more or less wrong.

How exactly to approach this was another matter altogether. Pacing the battlefield incessantly for his opponent, somebody he considered a friend, his weapon of choice remained clipped to his belt for now.

This shouldn’t be too hard. Medics were a class he’d fought countless times before, although this was a battle he had no means of running from. That fact alone was jarring. 

Nothing for him to do now but wait for Isaak to show himself. With any luck Heinz wouldn’t face any sanctions himself, should the RED decide to abscond.

If anything was certain, it was that Isaak shared his dreary outlook in respects to this duel between the two of them. 

It was one thing to have to battle opponents — opponents who were now his team, but that wasn’t the point — whom he barely knew, if at all, during their battles. It was another to have to fight a former teammate. Alone, at that.

The German wished that he could say that it was because they were friends, but he had never felt he had the freedom to call what little of a relationship they had by that name. Not to say that he hadn’t wanted to.

In the end, he doubted that the other medic would take such thing into account assuming he even was bothered that they had been on the same team before, and Isaak knew he shouldn’t either. It didn’t make it any easier, even when he tried to force himself to. He wasn’t even certain that he could hold that thinking for as long as it took to exhale.

He wanted nothing more than to avoid this whole situation, but he didn’t dare not make an appearance. The last thing he desired was to learn what punishments would lie in store for him if that were the case. Though, it did not have any impact on him loitering about for as long as possible before stepping out to meet Heinz at last.

"Have you been vaiting a long time?" 

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