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RP blog for a BLU medic stationed at Mountain Lab.

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derangedphysician whispered,

"What did you just call me?"


Send me "What did you just call me?" and I will generate a number from 1-40 for what my muse will have called yours. { x }

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❝ Know it all. ❞

"Well, yes, I do know many things."

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He had no idea the fellow Medic was capable of being so sadistic. Being with two colleagues with a distinctive bloodlust was… hardly beneficial to the team, given their role was to heal, not harm.

Then again, it hadn’t been proven to be an inhibiting problem thus far. 

Still on guard, all the two had to do was wait until those fifteen seconds had lapsed, then that point was theirs. Until then, small talk seemed sensible. Fiddling with his medigun, the smaller medic distanced himself from that platform. “So… you been alright? I don’t see you around so much, I just assumed you’re the quiet sort. Then again…” Maybe he was wrong all along.

"I keep to myself usually, yes." He drifted to the other side of the capture area, careful to stay within the boundaries. It was disappointing enough that none of the REDs had showed their faces as of yet, but it wouldn’t be detrimental to assist in the seizure of the point.

Perhaps they’d come out of their rabbit holes once they pressed forward to the next one? The medic truly hoped so.

"It’s just easier, generally. What was your name again?"

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 [ G o o d ] intentions that got

                         and  f r a y e d

                                 That about { sums } you up

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Somebody was clearly far more eager than last battle. The sight of his colleague making his way to the point alone was enough for Heinz to move from his hiding place. So what if it completely ruined the strategy he was going for? Isaak knew what he was doing. Probably.

His own syringe gun was substituted for his medigun of choice, shuffling our and focusing the beam on his colleague while he joined him on the point, albeit reluctantly. Bullet resistance, seemed sensible given the number of Scouts RED possessed.

"Someone’s feeling confident," the BLU jeered while he shot the platform above them a wary glance. "I mean, no offense. Compared to last week, anyway." It was by no means a bad thing; the thought of the BLU getting his confidence in order set off a smile.

It was a bit of a surprise for the medic when Heinz joined him on the point rather than remaining in place. Was the older medic really so quick to throw away his own plan?

He ignored the platform that the other threw a brief look toward. Let that be Heinz’s problem, not his.

"Not just confident, I’m excited." Benjamin corrected as a grin broke through his guise. It was a struggle to contain the entirety of his enthusiasm about the battle, but at least it was one that he was aware of, if nothing else.

"Let them come. I hope they enjoy a barrage of needles."


Finally Tie handed the bottle over but not before pretending to drop it and fumbling with it.

"oops! Zhat vas close." Perhaps it was different with other medics but Tie very rarely had to use the morphine for actual patients so even if the shipment was late it wouldn’t really effect him. 

"Of course you are not an intern! Zhat is not zhe concern. It’s zhat you are a morphine addict zhat concerns me, herr." Well not even really concern. He just found it interesting. 

This time it was not within his ability to stop himself. Both hands reached for the container, one even daring to grip the other’s wrist tightly in desperation.

"Do not be so careless." Isaak growled. He was ready to chide the other medic for his behaviour, faked or not, but the words he had prepared were lost when he heard Tiedemann’s second statement.

For a moment, he simply stood there dumbfounded before nervously managing to laugh a response.

"I do n-not know vhat you ah talking about, Herr."

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derangedphysician whispered,

"There is no "I" in team, but there is an "I" in pie. And there’s an "I" in meat pie. Anagram of meat is team — I don’t know what he’s talking about."


Meme source (x)

Shaun of the Dead Sentence Meme. (Stop feeding my drug kids)

Well this certainly lightens his mood, staring back at the other BLU before bursting into an odd snicker—or rather laughter; however, Matthaus still seems inclined to hold his head. “Yes, zhere es! Und z—”

Alright, now he’s clutching his chest in laughter. Calm now? Yes somewhat.

"Yes zhere es, und vhy jou had better be out zhere today und tomorrow bec… because I can’t!"

"I truly have no idea of vhatever zhat vas," Matt’s amusement is certainly contagious, even through his mild confusion. He can’t help but smile.

"I vill try my best, also because you have told me to. I hope zhat it vill be better zhan zhe last time, at least."

                         —- I want … something permanent.

                                                     Something that can’t be  {{ taken }} away ;;

                                  [ Is that too much to ask? ]

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It wasn’t as if he needed his hand holding, metaphorically speaking. Probably.

Vaccinator in hand and a teammate down, Heinz was more determined than ever to not have a repeat performance of last week- even if it meant holding back from the fray. 

But he couldn’t hold back for long- there was somebody he wanted to prove wrong. Plus, he did say he’d be a substitute to a certain RED…

Approaching the first CP, his Medigun was soon replaced with an actual weapon, his apparently ugly Overdose. That would soon change, provided any wayward REDs or BLUs should approach. No, he couldn’t capture just yet. Instead, he took to a different tactic entirely for once- stealth.

Just to the side of that truck (what on Earth it was going there in an essential warzone was completely beyond Heinz) the Medic remained undercover. With any luck, an unfortunate RED would stumble across him soon enough…

This time would be better than the first, embarrassing round that he had made.

Benjamin was more than prepared for this; he was excited by the possibility of blood and death. It had been long enough since he had seen it, though it had not been so long after all.

He was prepared long before it began, vita-saw twirling in one hand almost constantly. It was so difficult to keep himself contained; the medic wanted to laugh or hop right out onto the field to revel in bloodshed, but he didn’t do either of those things. He did nothing that he truly wanted to, not yet.

Best to ease into it, wasn’t it?

It was easy enough to throw on a calm air to carry all the way to the first point while trailing behind Heinz, but the first disruption would break it like glass. Let them challenge him; he welcomed it, wished for it as he made the decision to pull out his syringe gun.

His counterpart continued on, but he paid him no mind. It was no business of his what the other did, this point belonged to him.


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 ❝ Well you look old as fuck, so I label you as old. And do I look like a little girl to you, old man? ❞

"You’ve been around other children too much if you think that about my appearance. And you certainly do, child.”

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