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RP blog for a BLU medic stationed at
Mountain Lab.

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Narrowed eyes glance away with the slightest tilt of her head, her pride daunting as it struggled to swallow the blush that peppered her cheek, nose, and ear tips. 


"That was not an answer. Shall I assume that automatically means ‘yes’ within this situation?" he muses aloud, more to himself. 

It’s undoubtedly amusing to see her struggle with the color that blooms across her skin, but her eyes not meeting his is simply the icing on the cake that he’s already begun to enjoy. This is what he finds humorous, that discomfort with his question — or was it embarrassment for her own inability to control her reaction?

"I’ll interpret it as a yes." Squirm, won’t you?



If it had been anyone else, yes, he’d likely get a painful reminder of what personal space was. Seeing as it was Isaak however, the sniper grabbed either side of the medic’s face and tilted his head down so she could lightly bonk foreheads with the taller man. From there the woman would stand on her tip toes, foreheads still pressed together, as she peered at him over her glasses.

"How much have you drank tonight and why didn’t I get any?"

Clearly, she had no qualms with intrusions of the space that most people labeled ‘personal’. He wouldn’t deny that the possibility that it simply could be her assumption of who he was existed. That did seem more likely, in the end.

"I am completely sober." he raised an eyebrow in curiosity, but otherwise his expression remained solemn, "Though, I wouldn’t mind getting a drink, miss…?"



"Wh—-excuse me?” 

Most definitely taken aback and put off by this… question, had the woman blinking in confusion, expression changing in the slightest bit of concern. Asking over and over if she’d heard right or if it was that strange behavior again rang through her mind. 

"Ahh… are jou alvright today Herr?" this had to be the exact question she asked last she spoke to him like this. Though she did note, the usual pair of glasses set atop the bridge of his nose were off.

Just like last time. 

Benjamin had never specifically been in the habit of restraining his amusement, and he made no attempt to rectify that after hearing her response. The little laugh that escaped his lips had no resistance to fight to make itself heard.

"I am fine." he answered, smile still present in the wake of his laughter, " Why do you ask?"


Mmm…” staring off in thought a moment, as if distant, she quickly turns her attention back to the BLU.

"Ah yes… et es razher comfortable." and rather lonely, but this she would not speak of. For the moment.  ”Any… recent acquaintances jou’ve made over at Mountain Lab?” 

It is easy enough for Isaak to note her distant expression, no matter how little time it is worn. He has no plans to drag her from it prematurely if she chooses to wear it longer, but she’s already collecting herself shortly after he’s thought of waiting.

"Acquaintances, yes. Friends? Not really."


"Make up your mind, will you?" The pyro sneered, dragging her fingers along her bangs as she smoothed her hair back along her head. "More entertaining when they disagree? I suppose you’re one for the chase.

Mmmm. I cannot sleep on my side—I have been on my back for the week—but nevertheless I can handle this.

No… I suppose rules need not apply when we won’t be dying for good.”

"I am indeed ‘one for the chase,’ as you’ve put it.” Benjamin chuckled in return, one lip curling up in an odd perversion of a smile that revealed only a few teeth, “Nevertheless, my mind is made up. We’ll play this little game and that might settle my opinion some, or?

I take it that means you’ve had less comfortable sleep in the last few days? Are you sure you are fully prepared for this?”

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"Jou’re missing my point entirely, here…" He groaned, rolling his eyes and offering a rather harsh glare right into Ben’s eyes. "I don’t know how much control jou have over… ‘switching’, but once jour contract ends here, jou are going to struggle getting any form of job—for at zhe slightest touch, jou come out… so.”

Not really his point, but vague enough. For the first time in a long time, he just wanted to walk right away and end this conversation. But no, he had to stick this through, for who knows what the hell this personality was capable of? 

"We had no trouble before, but now our reputation might proceed us." He offered him no reaction in response to the glare. The medic felt no immediate reason to do so.

"Control. It," there was a pause as he collected the wording he was searching for, "can be such an odd thing. Regardless, it suits us — suits me — to stay here. It is something that can be dealt with when it arises, rather than prematurely worrying about it.”


i referenced amnesia good fucking night


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